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The Crazy One Hour Painting Tournament

I recently participated in a very unusual event iWauwatosa WI called ART64tosa. It's 64 artist, who were selected out of thousands of entries, bracketed together in a 4 round one hour painting tournament.

Each round we got a subject title a 16x20 canvas and just one hour to paint something to the subject linethat is better than the artist that you are paired against.

Round 1 the Landscape

We were given the subjects a few weeks ahead of time so we weren't walking into this tournament blind.. Picking out something that you can handle in an hour and be confident in in an hour is pretty key to getting ready for the tournament.

The Purple Haybales

Round 2 Your Culture

Round 3 Flora And Fuana

The Final Round Your Signature Piece

Ok, I didn't win the ART64tosa tournament this year, but hopefully there will be one next year.

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