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Workshops 2024
Get Inspired and Learn New Skills with Our painting Workshops.
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Testimonials about James Swanson's Teaching

Hi James

Thank you for a great class today.  Frustrating not to be able to keep up with you but I’ll rewatch the video and the new one as well.  You work so fast and just make such amazing strokes and have such a keen understanding of the dog anatomy.  It sure is a learning curve for me.  But it’s also a challenge and fun.  Sue Edelstein 


I thoroughly enjoyed your class, learned a lot about water and movement!! Sorry I had to leave early- puppy issue and he is ok. Whew!

Thank you!  Mary Jabens

Thank you so much, Jim!  I really appreciate that.  I took the workshop from you back when you were here before.  I was just starting to get into oil painting.  You taught me basically how to premix colors on my palette, introduced me to centurion panels, better brushes and I still refer back to your color mixes to this day.  I really appreciate you for sharing your knowledge.  Thank you so much for all you do and for being such a good teacher and great artist!  June Klement

1st day with James “Jim” Swanson in Augusta GA exploring color workshop. Nice to see in person mastery of the medium. Joe Basco

Your workshop was wonderful !  You are a talented teacher which was so appreciated !   I am looking forward to 

practicing your techniques and using the palette.  I plan to join you for more workshops if only online.    Lexington was lovely and my fellow classmates were inspiring.  Give Bjorn a scratch behind his ears for being such a great model ! Teresa Mason 

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