Blocking in a painting

I started this painting as a painting demo in my Saturday class. I finished the block-in of it in the studio. There is still work to do to it, but it is in a good place for the next class. Here is how I went about the finished block-in.

A Teaching Moment

This is a touch up of a demonstration painting I did for my Monday night painting class..

The Thinking Painting

​"Venetian Canal Waters" 20x16 oil This next painting is from my Italy trip last year that I painted for my oil painting class. The Sketch from class One of the main things I stress in class is to know your subject and then forget it. What I work on before I paint sets up the painting starting with the thumbnail sketch. Here I am making changes to the sketch to get the bridge and its reflection out of the middle of the painting. I did this by sliding in the left side of the sketch. Nothing of interest was on that side there anyways. Next, I sketched in my sketch in oil on the canvas. Keeping the bridge out of the middle was my big concern from my sketch. The few minutes I spend here can keep

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