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Fenrir the Fierce, a study in how not to do a promotion

Trying to add new students to my online painting class isn't easy. I'd rather be painting or cleaning my palette anything but sitting down and writing something with tons of misspellings. Maybe that's why my classes are so intimate. Huh.

Working on the class problem gave me the idea of doing a free class posting on my Facebook page and see what happens.

So, I figured out a good date that could maximize the number of students.

Picked out a couple of images that I thought would draw people in.

And wrote a clean simple message about the class.

Prefect Done.

I started getting interest right away.

Oops, I had to change the class date. Oh well, it was far enough out not be a Biggy.

Also, I thought of a way to at least collect interested students’ names and emails. So, I set everything up on my website so I could direct them to that. Perfect all great!

People were signing up and the class was going to be great!

The class day comes around and I get an email, "What day is your Free Class on? It says Monday the 22 on your Facebook page, the 23 on your website page?" Damn, foiled again!

Yes, I was smart enough to get people excited about my class, but dumb enough to re-read what I wrote. See, know you know why I'd rather be scaping my palette than looking for business.

The class still went off without a hitch and for my efforts I came away with a nice painting of my new pup Fenrir the Fierce.

And I was able to at least add new names to my mailing lists.

Here's the quick painting version of the painting. You should be able to tell where the class ended and where my next day with a fresh eye came in. and also if you would like to see what one of my classes are -



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