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Painting the Painting Studio

"The Painting Studio" 20x24 oil

Every once in a while I come across something that I have to paint right then. No matter what's on the easel it can wait. This painting was one of those. A old painting studio with students painting the same model. The image took me back to my college days #CCAD.

Here's how I went about painting the scene.

This is my initial rough sketch for the painting. I start with a sketch to get the image in my head to start designing the piece out.

This is stage 1 of the painting: Toned and sketch transferred to canvas. This is a exciting time in the painting. My quick sketch is a design to start with, this part is the real part of the painting. Making design lines into shapes.

My palette of colors for the start of the painting. I mix my paints ahead of painting. it keeps everything simpler.

The block in stage: The painting shapes are starting to take shape.Now I stated to start painting all the paintings in the scene. the interesting thing about that was painting the model and the portraits in different styles.

At this point the painting is pretty much finished. It just needs some painting edges softened.

The finished "The Painting Studio" 20x24

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