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"A Penny for your Thoughts" Day #5 in my Dog Day Month Painting Project

Goldens have a very special place in my heart. This whole project was started because of the loss of my golden and great friend Amber.

"A Penny for your Thoughts" 12"x16" oil Penny's pet owner is Cathy Venturella. Here are Penny's painting steps I did yesterday.

Step #1 roughly sketched in on toned canvas.

Step #2 Mix my palette of colors for the painting.

Step #3 Paint in the dark areas of the painting to create the structure for the painting.

Step #4 Paint in the background. with all the hair of Penny being so soft, I wanted to paint wet into wet to make her edges go in easier.

Step #5 Paint the fur in. Working dark to light I go through my palette to fill her in.

Step #6 Details and stroke blending. And there you have Penny.

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