"Kitchen Cooks" painted in class


Saturday Morning Oil Painting is 10 weekly classes designed to teach beginner oil painters and challenge advanced ones. It is taught by OPA and AIS signature artist James Swanson.

Class are on Zoom and run from 9:30 to Noon on Saturdays.

In the painting sessions you will learn by following the painting processes that James uses to create his works. The class starts with the initial Painting Design idea. Then it moves to the Color Palette for the color mixing and demos for the painting. And then the Paint Along begins with James calling out what he is doing and the colors to use and why. This is followed by a class critique. Student can also post their paintings to the class Facebook page on for more critiques.

The class is recorded and can be reviewed anytime.

10 week - Saturday Morning Class


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    James Swanson OPA AIS Signature Artist

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