K-9 Dog painting workshops are a deep dive into painting our four-legged friends in 4 small bites. They are  taught by OPA and AIS Signature Artist James Swanson, who is known for his Dog Day Month painting series.

In the painting workshops you will learn about painting dog’s eyes, noses, heads, fur, bodies, and movement. Each workshop will focus in on an area of the dog and work it out. The workshops are on Zoom, and will start with initial Painting Design, move to the painting Palette for the color mixing, then a quick demo with a Paint Along, followed by a class critique. There will also be small critiques during the workshops. Students are also encouraged to post their paintings to the classes Facebook page for additional critiques.

The workshops are recorded and can be downloaded and reviewed at any time.

These are (4) 1 Day online workshops 10am-2pm CT

Cost $40 ea or $160 for all 4

K-9 One Day Oil Painting Workshops